Since the the Verona Band and Redhawk Casino insists on calling themselves by a modernized version of our historic IRA name "Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians" we have received numerous complaints from the El Dorado County residents about land going into trust.   


The Verona Band is buying El Dorado County lands and then presenting themselves to Congress as if they were the historic indigenous Wopumnes Shingle Springs Indians.

The Wopumnes Tribal Council objects to this as this group "The Verona Band" is from Sutter County and is defrauding the People of the State of California and Congress by representing themselves as anything but the Verona Band. 

Congressman Tom McClintock has been sponsoring them during his office.  Does Tom McClintock know that the Redhawk Indians are not aboriginal to El Dorado County and have been defrauding the American people? 
This would be a question to ask Mr. McClintock during this election season.




Appearing at Redhawk Casino:





Other Groups in El Dorado County that have been objecting to this.

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