Press Release:  Miwok Express
Gas Station in El Dorado County.
We have received numerous complaints from El Dorado Community members about a particular Gas Station build out in Shingle Springs.
Because it is called "Shingle Springs Miwok Express Gas" people ask if we have anything to do with it and want to know why the "Tribe" is so uncaring about the environment and community. See the page on the Trademark Case for more information.
The historic Tribe (1934 IRA Shingle Springs Mewuks aka the Wopumnes Nisenan-Mewuk Tribe) Tribal Council did not authorize that build out.  The gas station is the Redhawk Casino's build out of which the Wopumnes don't own or benefit from.  That Casino and gas station is owned by a business group from Sutter County claiming to be natives of Shingle Springs.  They have NO ancestral ties to El Dorado County sacred sites and no Federal census records proving residency prior to 1979.
The BIA recommended the land be taken into trust based on the Redhawk Group's statement that the land was for Residential.  There was NO DISCUSSION that the land would be used for a gas station.  See County Letter to BIA here...
Without the below oversight the Gas Station you are questioning is a black-box Superfund Clean-up Site waiting to happen.  Please ask to review the below documents from the County who should have them on file for this project if it is a "Legal" project. 
  • Permitting and Zoning Requirements
  • Needs a full EIR and EIS (which would allow for public comment)
  • CEQA (which includes AB 52)
  • Public Review for El Dorado County Community 
  • County and State Government Inspections during Phases of Build-out
If the County does not have these documents on the file, ask to see them from the Redhawk group.  Please let us know what the outcome is.
These processes are legislated to provide for a healthy community and Environmental Resource Safety. For your reference: This is a link to an example CEQA document from a different real life gas station project.
Educate yourself and your neighbors.  
The EPA Hearing Comments can be seen at:
EPA Docket ID: EPA-R09-OAR-2018-0385
Transcripts for July 12, 2018 public hearing:
Other land use issues at the Xpress Station:
We have received more complaints about this project.

See excerpt below: El Dorado County Superior Court Case Number: PC20160333

"SSBMI is planning to construct and operate a 5,012 square foot gas station, carwash, and associated convenience store under Phase I of what is known as the Shingle Springs Village Project (“Village Project”). Phase II of the Village Project includes a restaurant, retail space, office space, and an entertainment venue within a 46,200 square foot structure and a 4,050 square foot structure; two fast food restaurants occupying 3,230 square feet and 3,275 square feet respectively; and a three story, 45,000 square foot 80-room hotel and conference center. The Encroachment Project will allow Shingle Springs Drive access and extend El Dorado Irrigation District (“EID”) water and sewer services to the Village Project development."

"Respondents violated CEQA by failing to prepare an environmental impact report (“EIR”)"... "Petitioners seek a determination from the Court that County’s approval of the Project is invalid and void;" "The County has taken the position that the County does not have land use authority over the Village Project, which is located on lands owned by the federal government in trust for the SSBMI. "

Wopumnes Comment:   
The County does have jurisdiction over "orphaned" land outside of the initial 160 acre Rancheria. Tribes with Off-reservation land acquisitions particularly Land purchased for residential in a residential zoned area are still subject to land use zoning requirement compliance with the surrounding area regardless of the "Tribe's" zoning ordinances.

"In the background section of the IS/MND for the Project, the County asserted that it would not be evaluating the impacts of the Village Project, but only the driveway access for Phase I of the Village Project, as well as the cumulative traffic impacts of both Phases I and II of the Village Project."  

"Petitioners raised the following issues: (1) the project description is inadequate and unstable and the County is improperly “piecemealing” environmental review of a larger development project in violation of CEQA; (2) the IS/MND improperly segments the Project; (3) the IS/MND does not adequately address traffic impacts and improperly defers evaluation and mitigation of traffic impacts; (4) the record contains substantial evidence to support a fair argument that the Project may have a significant environmental impact in the areas of aesthetics, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, hazards and hazardous materials, water quality, land use planning, noise, transportation and traffic, utilities and service systems and growth inducement; (5) the Mitigated Negative Declaration is incomplete and insufficient and a full Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) is required under CEQA; and (5) the Project approval violates the El Dorado County General Plan (as amended by Measure E)."

Wopumnes Comment: 
This case was not adjudicated with a "trial by the facts" but instead settled out of court in a back door dealing. The public interests have not been served and protected by this settlement agreement as the entire project has remained a black box. Significant impacts arise by allowing a Gas Station and complex to be built over major unmapped, unprotected water sources. A hydrology expert needs to study the area and report findings.  The topography may not support this commercial use.

Significant investigation needs to be done on this project and findings made to the public. The EPA is liable should the water sources and lands become further contaminated in this area.