Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming to the Kick-off Meeting at the Coloma Museum.

We are looking for this to be a fun event to help promote the El Dorado County Indigenous Nisenan and teach the El Dorado Community about Nisenan culture and history. 

Acceptable clothing for the Nisenan-Village Trading Post includes "Traditional" (modified pre-Gold Rush), Spanish Colonial or "Californio" Style, Prairie,  "Traditional Ceremonial".  We discourage Plains Indian style clothes.
































The Wopumnes are Interpreting the Nisenan Village as a Spanish Colonial post contact Nisenan - Mewuk Village and Trading Post. As seen in period pictures it is typical for post-contact Natives to wear clothing adorned with native totems, tools etc. A trading post allows the guests to see the combination of pre-contact and Colonial wares and activities for a Tribe interacting with the Europeans.  


We would like to get everyone out to the bark houses this weekend Jan 14, 2018 to take a look and talk about how things would be set up. Please call or email us for times.


Please RSVP so we can put you on the Volunteer list and arrange times.   

If you would like to participate in the Miwok Village and Trading Post please email or call us.


List of items needed for crafts, dress and display.

  1. Indian Crafts you'd like to "sell".  We are setting up an Indian Trading Post to trade with the other settlers and tourists.

  2. Deer skin, other skin (goat, lamb) and fur for crafts (remnants and scraps from other projects are ok)

  3. Deer skin, other skins, fur etc. to make clothing

  4. Deer skin, Bear and other fur for display purposes

  5. Baskets for display

  6. Bow, arrows, tools for display and for demonstration

  7. Miwok Granary with willow to have the tourists help us build.

  8. Clothing for display

  9. If you have Native musical instruments to display or play (can be Plains Indian but you traded something with a Settler to get it).

  10. Miwok specific dress, tools, regalia or other items that can be displayed.

  11. Firewood for the fire pit and the salmon (we will not be feeding the public only the Miwok Village)

  12. Willow stick for cooking and Miwok cooking implements.  If you use an iron skillet to cook salmon the story is you traded something with the settlers to get it.

  13. Acorns and other native nuts, berries, plants

  14. Grinding mortars

  15. MIWOKS IN DRESS (somewhat period)  You can dress Prairie with Miwok accents, full on Miwok Native (clothing made from skins) or have a combination of Miwok/Prairie/Plains Indian .  If you are wearing Prairie or Plains Indian clothes have a story, you traded for it. Linked is a Style guide for living history.  Natives can trade with the setttlers for things in the 1840's.
    https://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/485/files/1840s%20clothing.pdf   (Traded for the horse, mining gear, or other stuff that the settlers had are things Miwok might have traded for.)

  16. Show off your talents for story telling, arts and crafts, tool making, Miwok language, music and more.

Please RSVP with your name and phone number and items you can provide and invite more Tribal Members to the Village.  Please spread the word. 

Thank you for helping make this a great event.

The Tribal Council,

El Dorado County Nisenan-MeWuk Nation, 

Shingle Springs, California