We are an Unincorporated Association as per our 1934 IRA Vote and currently are an "Off-Reservation" Tribe awaiting the Federal Government to confirm a new landbase to us.  We are registered with the IRS as a Tribal Government and can accept donations as a Tribal Government.

We are a non-gaming Tribe.
Tribal Officers are elected every six (6) years.  The next election will be 2024.
​Government Organization: Customs and Traditions
Governing Body: Tribal/General Council
We are currently updating our Membership Ordinance, Child Welfare Statement, CalTrans Projects Cultural Preservation Coordinator Statement, Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays Support Program Statement and are making plans for the new year.

Economic Development - Coming Soon!

Real Miwok(TM) Indian Trading Post 
The Wopumnes "Digger Indian" Native Plant Nursery
Self-Sustaining Passive Solar Indian Village and Farm
Forestry Department Support
Waterways Support
Diamond Springs Wildlife Rescue Support
Chocolate Oomachas!
Indian Tacos!
Contact us!  If you would like to do business we would love to hear from you.