Tribal Officers include:  Tribal Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Enrollment Coordinator, Preservation Coordinator, Tribal Elder 1 and 2, Member at large, Spiritual Advisor and Board Members. 

The Tribal Council meets every Wednesday night to make decisions on Tribal Business.  Tribal members and their families are welcome. The meeting location changes week to week depending on business agenda. 
Please contact for meeting time and location.
Governing Documents
We are an Unincorporated Association as per our 1934 IRA Vote.  The 1934 IRA is the controlling document giving this Tribal Council "successor in interest"  governing authority as a "25CFR83.12 Previously Recognized Tribe" along with the 1851 Treaty.
Currently we are an "Off-Reservation" Tribe awaiting the Federal Government to confirm a new land base to us.

Tribal Officers are elected every six (6) years.  The next election will be 2024.
Government Organization: Customs and Traditions
Governing Body: Tribal/General Council
We are currently updating our Membership Ordinance, Child Welfare Statement, Cultural Preservation Coordinator Statement, Cosumnes Culture and WaterWays Support Program Statement and are making plans for the new year.
Territory and Jurisdiction
Being the traceable historic indigenous Tribe of El Dorado County our Nisenan-Mewuk ancestral lands and sacred sites are scattered through the entire El Dorado County.  Therefore we are interested in caring for the the whole El Dorado Community, people, animals, forests, water sources and the lands.
Most Wopumnes Tribal families have had continuous residency in El Dorado County since recorded history in the 1700s.

If you would like to formally apply to the Wopumnes Tribe you must fill out the applications, provide documentation and be traceable to four of the five sources:

1)  California Indian Roll Numbers (1928 CIJA, El Dorado County) 
2)  El Dorado County Federal Census for four continuous decades prior to 1940
3)  The Kelsey Census of 1905-6 for El Dorado County
4)  1851 Treaty of Cosumnes River
5)  Voters of the 1934 IRA for Shingle Springs Rancheria, El Dorado County

Your documentation and application will be verified by our
Genealogical Historian and then sent for Tribal Council Approval. 

Members of the Verona Band (Redhawk Casino) do not meet the above 5 criteria.  They are from Sutter County.
Check with your Tax Accountant, about making
donations to us as an IRS Tax ID, Tribal Government.  
We greatly appreciate your generosity and love.  
~The El Dorado County Wopumnes Nisenan-MeWuk Nation.
Tribal Wishlist:
Funding or donations of materials to make regalia
Wild Turkey Feathers
Our own "Indian Taco" stand equipment
Legal Assistance
Grant Writing Assistance
Archeological Surveying equipment
Housing for Tribal Members
Land to grow food and materials
Healthy forests
Clean fresh water
Happy friends